Lifestyles of Love

The girls are back with a new live episode of Lifestyles of Love. Watch live epsisodes every Monday at 7PM PT on

The girl look at Narcissism and the traits of a Narcissist. Also play a clip from Red Table Talk

Vic is back! For now…What is going on in the world!?

Vic is moving to New Orleans so listen to her final show in the studio.

We explore the experiences of online dating and talk to a couple that met on a dating app and are now married.

Krys and Vic sit with a full panel to discuss Harassment & Consent between men AND women. How far is too far? Watch live every Monday 7PM PT on

The ladies are joined by Jhana to discuss the characteristics of a MILF. Tune in live Mondays 7PM PT on

Krys & Vic speak on Interracial Relationships of all types.

2nd episode on Vegas Hype Media. The ladies speak with a couple about “Trans-itioning in Love”. 2